Lands and Resources


Lands and Resources is a new and developing department in Shawanaga. On March 25, 2013, Shawanaga signed onto the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management. A First Nation signatory to the Framework Agreement exercises its land management option by creating its own Land Code, drafting a community ratification process and entering into a further Individual Transfer Agreement with Canada.

The specific steps are set out in the Framework Agreement. (

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A land code is currently being drafted whereby the community will have authority, jurisdiction and management of Shawanaga First Nation (reserve) lands. Shawanaga members will be voting in December 2014 to ratify the land code. The Land Code Development Committee has been working on this code with the involvement of the full membership.

Shawanaga is also in the process of asserting rights, title and interest through a number of land claims. Leagues Vs. Miles land claim has been submitted and asserted, there are several more to be pursued in the future. One of Shawanaga’s largest projects involves settling the improper taking of the old highway 7182 (otherwise known as Shebeshekong Road) and negotiating the potential expansion of Highway 69 through the First Nation’s lands and Traditional Territory. Shawanaga is currently in negotiations with the Ministry of Transportation regarding these initiatives.

The First Nation has developed a Consultation policy to ensure proper consultation and accommodation as part of the Crown’s Duty to Consult. The policy contains: the principles guiding the policy; a governance, capacity and protocol agreement; consultation procedures and timing; mitigation and implementation issues and concerns; notice; resolution of disputes; and what constitutes light, moderate and intensive consultation. The Consultation Guidelines Policy outlines a Framework for Consultation with Shawanaga First Nation, called “Mi Maanda Nake Waa Naakni Geyong” or “Our Way”.

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