Information for the health profile was gathered based on documented Statistics Canada information that was derived from the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit (NBPSDHU), which is the catchment area for Shawanaga First Nation. The NBPSDHU has a catchment area that includes 31 municipalities, 4 unorganized areas and 9 First Nations. Unfortunately, for the purpose of the profile, it is not possible to differentiate Shawanaga-specific information.

According to the information presented, the Aboriginal population in the NBPSDHU makes up 9.1 per cent of the total catchment area population.



Health Conditions

The regional statistics indicate that percentages for specific health conditions are quite high. For example, the percentage of the catchment area considered overweight or obese is 51.7%, or just over half of the population in the NBPSDHU region. Nearly a quarter of the population (23%) has issues with arthritis and diabetes. A similar proportion of people are dealing with high blood pressure. Fifth of the residents report pain or discomfort that is moderate to severe or have pain that prevents specific activities.

Health Behaviours

Five percent of people in the region are exposed to second-hand smoke at home. Nearly fifteen percent are exposed to second-hand smoke in vehicles or public places.

Life expectancy at birth is 79.5 years, 77 for males and 81.8 for females.

Personal Resources

Over 71 percent of the NBPSDHU catchment area feels a sense of community belonging. Almost all (92%) are satisfied or very satisfied with their life.

Living and Working Conditions